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Who we are


Alessandro Mattei, 1980, architect, designer and craftsman. He studied arts and architecture in Italy and Spain, and then worked as an architect for international companies in Italy and Poland. Moving back to Italy he founded Plato Design. Exceptionally creative and always keen on light design, he designed his first lamp at the age of six.



Caterina Naglieri, 1982, architect and PhD in Environmental Design, studied in Rome and Lisbon. She has worked as teaching assistant in Sapienza University and later as architect for international firms in Italy, Poland and Spain. Moving back to Italy she joined Alessandro in founding Plato Design. Passionately fond of sustainability and innovation, she is the rational side of the company.

Plato Design is a design startup based in Rome, Italy, founded by Alessandro Mattei and Caterina Naglieri, both architects. Alessandro and Caterina previously worked in several European cities dealing with construction industry, interior design and academic research. In 2015 they decided to return to their city Rome and start the new adventure of running their own business. The company was awarded the Regione Lazio Fund for Creativity for the D-TWELVE lamp project. At Plato Design things are invented, prototyped and handmade, merging clear design with technological innovation and unique “made in Italy” handicraft.